Maybe readers have noticed that many of our Free Databases are Fort Wayne and Allen County or Indiana-based. This is because most of the Free Databases are donated, so most come from this area. We have some people who will also donate material from other states, but we have so few from other countries that they are listed under “Other States Resources,” like the South Africa Collection.

The South African Collection consists of Natal Church Register Indices, which include baptism, marriage and burial records for Anglican, Roman Catholic, Dutch Reformed, Congregational and Presbyterian KwaZulu-Natal churches. The Natal Witness: Birth Marriage, and Death Index, 1861-1864, compiled by Michael Scogings, indexes birth, marriages, deaths 1846 to 1864, 1877 to 1878, 1882 and 1885, we well as 1852 statistical information regarding settlements, 1854 ratable property and 1855 Burgesses Roll in Pietermaritzburg, and the1858 military volunteers.  Another section is a partial index for the Durban West Street Cemetery. Sue Mackay's South African Settlers Project which includes a correspondence index concerning applications for settlement to the Cape of Good Hope, whether accepted or not, from 1819 to 1845, various ships logs and muster rolls, newspaper extracts from 1840 to 1892, and decisions regarding land claims in 1825. And under a page about Sue Mackay are a number of useful links to other South African online sources.
South African
In print form, we also have the Keith Meintjes South Africa Collection, consisting of all types of research material for South Africa, including Leonard Thompson’s A history of South Africa (968 T37hi), Roll of the British settlers in South Africa Up to 1826 (968 J71ro), Die nasate van die Rynse sendelinge in Suid-Afrika (968 Z753na), and the Bulletin of the Huguenot Society of South Africa (968 H875bu). To locate more of this collection, just type “Keith Meintjes South Africa Collection” into the ACPL.catalog.

So for anyone with South African connections, these sources are vital to research!