A few new ndiana-based Free Databases have hit our pages which will provide some great Indiana background. Tippecanoe 2 The first two are by Kevin Fish who kindly agreed to have them on our site. Indiana Prairie Farmer contains “Farm Labor in Indiana and the Old Northwest,” a fascinating history of the politics of agriculture and land in the 19th Century in the region and the country as a whole. Fish’s Songs, Slogans, and Souvenirs: The Exciting Part of the 1840 Presidential Election Campaign. One can not only read historical information about the election, but also read the words to some of the songs.

We have also posted several documents from the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, State of Indiana, including the Minute book beginning in 1855-1856 and the Record of Charters. 

We have two applications to the Grand Army of the Republic in Kansas by two members of the 100th Indiana Infantry, James Cleland and Alonza Miller. The applications contain the veteran’s name, date and place of birth, residence at the time of application and occupation, when and where he enlisted and was discharged. A great source for anyone needing information on a Civil War soldier!
GAR app
Finally, we have a 1917 edition of the 1851 Constitution of Indiana and of the United States. The Indiana Constitution had seventeen article, including suffrage and election, distribution of powers, a description of the branches of government, education, state institutions, the militia and more, easily navigated in this small document.    

Take a few minutes to view these great sources!