The Lasting Lawyer Legacy Project is an ACBA/ New Lawyer’s Section initiative. They have partnered with the Allen County Public Library to capture the stories of the seasoned attorneys whom we respect and whom we admire, and they are now online! Memories include various aspects of modern Allen Count history and are interesting in the extreme! Newest entries include: Steve Adair, Vincent Backs, Sherrill Colvin, Wendy Davis, Donald Doxsee, Denia Ellis, Jim Fenton, Ron Gehring, William Harris, Stanley Hood, Philip Larmore, Stanley Levine, Judge Paul Mathias, Jeanne S. Miller, William F. McNagny, Dawn Rosemond, Judge David Avery, Roger Hultquist, Robert Kabisch, Frank Kimbrough, Mac Parker, Patrick Proctor, Dan Roby, Stanley Rosenblatt, John Schenkel, Perry Shilts, Thomas Shoaff, Dan Sigler, James Springer, Brian Stier, Denny Sutton, Don Swanson,  Josh Tourkow, John Williams, Kenneth Yahne, Mike Yates, and Tom Yoder.
Lasting Lawyer