The Rotary Club of Fort Wayne has donated some of their material to create an archives for the society and we have an entirely new section devoted to these materials. Sections include copies of their newsletters, Rotary Spin and Tickler, and rosters. And now the Archives section includes 25th, 50 and 75th anniversary materials, their constitution and by-Laws, and a timeline from 1905 to 2015.

There are lots of photos in Rotary Events for 100 PENTX; the Elks Golf Outing and Washington School, 2004; Foreign Rotary Dignitaries, 25 March 2005; Golf Outings, July and August; River Cleanup, 2004; River Greenway Opening, 2005; and events from Washington School I 2004 and 2005.

Finally, there is Celebrating 100 Years of Service, to observe their Centennial, and fundraising, construction and dedication documents, photos and videos of the Rotary Clock Tower, located on the Library Plaza on Wayne Street.

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Fort Wayne for allowing us to host their materials!