We have some fabulous new items in the Marsha Smiley African American Collection!

Subpages have been added for the African/African American Historical Museum Highlights, Fraternal Organizations, and Spirit Flight. 

We have new biographies on Judge William L. Briggs, Terra Brantley, Verna M. Adams, Levan Scott, Hana Stith, Edward Elkins, Walter Tharp, Jr., Lionel Tobin, Barker Davie, Jr., Lewis Sims, Rae Pearson, Barker Davie, Marshall White, William Hayden, Eric Wilson, and Veronica Townes in the Crossing Opportunity’s Threshold. These are terrific articles, like the ones for Victor Eugene “Gene” Butler: Community Pharmacist, Owner of Community Care Pharmacy and Helen S. Pickett: 1st Black Female License Mortician in Indiana.
Smiley AfAm
There is also a new subheading for Publications which include: Art of the Alabama Road Trip; Condra Leach Ridley; Edna Rowland Williams; Impacting Democracy; Purple Hull Peas Offer Rich Taste, Rich Heritage; Pushing the Color Line: Race and Employment in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1933-1963; The Children’s Crusade; CitiLink Celebrates Multigenerational Tradition; Eddie Noel; Fort Wayne’s Early African-American Settlers; A Legacy of Trailblazing and Activist Women in Fort Wayne; Robert Hayden; Roma Stewart: Fort Wayne Pioneer Families; Metro Youth Sports, Inc. Celebrates 40th Anniversary; Paying Tribute to Willie Long; Black 1st; Illuminating a Legacy; Johnny Bright: Feats/Feet of Strength; Slavery in New York; Showing Gratitude Where It’s Due; Voice of the Elders: Building a Life in Our Own Community; and the ALA Report; June 23-25; 2017 of Connie Scott; President of Indiana Black Librarians Network.  2017.