There are a few new records on Our Military Heritage.

We have a couple of World War I large group photos this time, including the 36th Infantry, “I” Recruit Company, Fort Snelling, Minn., in 1918, 4th Co., 1st Battalion, 159 Depot Brigade, and a Preview of 12th Division, Camp Devens, Sept. 14, 1918. The great thing about these photos is that you can click anywhere and see an enlarged single section, like this one of Purdue University WWI unit.

Also for World War I, we have records for Howard Carling, 27th Engineers, and the Warren Longstreth, 349th Infantry, National Army collection, including diaries, sketches and souvenirs.

We also have some large group photos for World War II, including
Co. 1743, 20 December 1043 and 31st Regiment Personnel, 6 April 1945, both from the U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois (see below), for Co C, 31st Infantry Training Battalion, a Photo from March 1944 & Roster, December 1943-April 1944, and, finally, a photo of the Men of Diehard, 2nd Platoon Company, 309th Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division.
Naval Station

We also have the 1943 and 1944 issues of The Stout Fielder, from Stout Field, Indianapolis, Indiana, and material for the USS Colorado, including Photographs and a scrapbook that contains a number of pages from the ship’s newsletter, Shorebird.

For specific servicemen, we have a memorial card for Walter Werner, 9th Armored Division, and various records for Private Daniel Allgeier, Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 423rd Infantry Regiment, who was killed in action in Germany on 21 December 1944. We have materials for Wendell Wayne Fenn, 101st Airborne, 327th Glider Infantry, Doyne L. Ferris, U.S. Army Air Corps, Harold Talmage Hawkins, 602nd and 609th Field Artillery Battalion, U.S. Army, Robert Eugene Hawkins, U.S. Navy, and from our colleague, Allison DePrey Singleton, records for Harold Edward DePrey, U.S. Signal Corps (see below) and Merlin Francis Hillman, Marine Fighting Squadron 413.

We also have collections of letters of Charles Harris, U.S. Navy and William Lynn Killen, U.S. Army, who died in 1945 in France.

And finally, we have material for James Andrew McBride, U.S. Naval Academy, 1922 and for Phillip Ardath Hawkins, U.S. Air Force, Peacetime Service from 1958-2004.

Take a few minutes to browse these items and think about the sacrifices these people made.