We have added great information to our free Allen County, Indiana Resources page!

For North Side High School, we have Class of 1956 Reunion Booklets for 2011 (55th Reunion) and 2016 (60th Reunion), Class of 1970 Reunion Booklets for 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 200, 2005, 2010 and 2015, as well as Key Club Booklets for 1967-1968, 1968-1969 and 1969-1970.

We have added 12339 records to the Allen County Marriage Index, bringing the total number to 79715 records, and we’ve added 187,79 records to the Fort Wayne and Allen County Area Obituary Index, bringing the total to 722,375 obituaries.

There is also an 1812 era map of Fort Wayne came from the cartographic collection of David Rumsey, which shows the three rivers, the Portage, the Wabash Trail, Wayne Trace and more early locations of interest to local historians.

Log Cabins in Allen County, Indiana was a collection of 31 photographs that, at some point in the past, had been collected into a small scrapbook. No photographer is identified, nor is any information of when they were collected included, but each photo was loosely identified as to location, such as “Log Smoke House; Auburn Road,” “Detail of House Built by Eugene Corneille in 1861,” or “First Frame House Built In St. Vincent Settlement; Auburn Road,” but the images preserved and shared here are amazing.
Log Cabin

Finally, sever more Abstracts of title have been added: Fleck’s Subdivision in LaGro Reserve, Lot 8; Forest Park, Block 15, Lot 10; and Windsor Woods, Section II, Lot 80. As usual, these abstracts provide vital information, not only about the single piece of property described, but each will also reflect information concerning property in the area.

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