We have more additions to Our Military Heritage!

For the Civil War, we have the service records for Isaac Allyn and Laban Gurley, both of Company F, 25th Indiana Infantry, the pension record of John Holbert, Company D, 2nd Tennessee Infantry (U.S.), who died at Flat Lick, Kentucky in March of 1862 which includes the Widow’s pension for his mother, Elizabeth, and the letters of William B. Parker, 2nd Michigan, May 1864 through April 1965. Most are to his wife, Polly, whom he left behind in Clinton County, Michigan. Also included at the letters to Polly from her brother, Alvin B. Wonsey, of the 27th Michigan.

We also have the World War I letters of William Tursman of Chicago to June Beck in Goshen, Indiana.

The Good Ol’ Days: Remember Our Time in Pearl Harbor and Between the Tours of Duty, by Frank John "Jack" Zwolinski, Jr. provides biographical information on his parents Frank, Sr., and Agnes Zubris Zwolinski, the family and Frank senior’s memories of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Battle History 473rd United States Infantry provides information on that unit’s experiences in Italy in 1945. It begins with a list of the unit’s men killed in action, along with their home addresses. Following are six chapters detailing the events of the campaign, a list of awards to the unit, messages from various commanding officers, and maps of the theater of operations.

And we have the Fort Sam Houston, Texas Telephone Directory, December 1944. It includes phone numbers for the various units on the base, and the residents with their ranks, units, address and phone numbers.

We thank all those who donated the materials so that we can bring them to you!