We have several items online now that formerly have only been available as print resources.

The first is Payments to Miami Indians, 1859. This is a transcription of original payrolls owned by the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society which lists Miami heads of families and individuals who were living east of the Mississippi River and received a payment in 1854.

Next is Records of the Miami Indians of Indiana, which contains three parts: the 1895 Annuity Payment Roll of the Miami of Indiana who were, at that time, living in Kansas, Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory; a collection of newspaper stories on the Miami; and a copy of Chief Godfory’s “Miami Indian Stories,” published in 1961. All of these items are name and keyword searchable.
The last item was from a microfilm collection of Annuities and Census of the Miami Indians. Included are Annuity Payrolls for 1882, 1891, and 1895, the Annuity Payroll for the Eel River Tribe, 1889 Annuity, a transcription for a land division for Francis Godfroy, and the 1881 Census of Miami Indians in Indiana and elsewhere. All of these items are also name and keyword searchable. 

 If you are seeking information on the Miami Tribe of Indiana, these sources would be a good place to search.