We’ve recently posted a number of new Family Resources on our Free Databases webpage, starting with Haller/Gibboney/Baldwin Family History and Kaess-Dawson Family History from regular contributor Brian Paul Kaess. These items, as usual, are well researched, and provide citations and are indexed.

Arnolds in “Western Maryland Catholics” is an extract of Arnold family members found in “Western Maryland Catholics, 1819-1851,” by Richard T. Koch. The extracts provide the information as well as the citation in the book.

Jean Francis Knight provided Miller, Martin, Scott, Price, Collins, Curtin, Francis: They Came From the British Isles to America. This item is also keyword searchable and provides citations.

Ancestors of James Norman Pence of Fort Wayne, Indiana, provides fourteen generations from James back and provides photographs when available and more than 60 pages of citations.

And we also have scans of the Letters of Wilbur Churchward during his Civilian Conservation Corps service with Company 544 in Upland, California and Enaville, Idaho. Dated 1934 to 1936, these letters show a young man who is far away but keeping up with family and friends.

Next we have two photographic collections. The Helen Adams Harrod Photographs from Indiana and Ohio provides both the photo and the back of each, with identifying information, which can be lacking, such as the photo of a small child on a tricycle simply labeled Annabelle. The other is the Photo Album of the Lawrence Till Family of Allen County, Indiana, which had a number of rural and agricultural and rural photos from Washington Township.

Finally, we have some very interesting sources, and there is a story to these. Along with other genealogical material that is donated to us, we receive charts. Many of these are huge, filled with tiny printed names, dates and places. Valuable sources but what do we do with them. In the past, many have been folded into some smaller size and bound to make a book-like resources. Preserved, yes, but the folds will eventually cause tears and the information across the folds can be lost. Through the efforts of some of our scanning partners and our tech, several of these charts have now been scanned and are available on our website. But, wait! There’s more! Once you open the chart, you can click on a section to view an enlargement of the section! This make these sources much more usable! These charts are the Caulkins-Ancestry of Almira Caulkins Chart and the Ancestors and Descendants of Roswell and Eunice (Hine) Caulkins Chart the Maternal and Paternal Fan Charts of the Herbert Eliot Family, The Genealogical Record of the Powers, Harris and Allied Families, More Particularly of the Descendants of Nathaniel Powers and Esther Johnson, John Hough Harris and Lucy May chart, and Descendants of Peter and Elizabeth (Woods) Wallace Chart. Names can be searched in all of these through the Federated Database search on our homepage (where it says “Search our Free Databases).

Thanks to all who contribute and who helped us scan and make these materials available.