There are a number of fabulous additions to our Fort Wayne and Allen County Resources that researchers and residents will find interesting. First is the Tom Mungovan Funeral Home Records, which consist of 1720 records and 3162 images. Thomas E. Mungovan opened his funeral home at 2221 South Calhoun in 1942, advertising personal service "to provide the means of paying the finest tribute to the memory of those who have gone on - without hardship to those who remain and must live." The family has continued the business since his death in 1981. In 1987, through the generosity of family members, copies of the records, dating from 1942 to 1987, were donated to the Genealogy Department and bound in eight volumes (977.202 F77TO). In 2015, the family again offered The Genealogy Center access to their 1980-2014 records, which have been digitized, for the use of family historians.
We now have Fort Wayne Fire Department annual reports, 1961 and 1962 to add to our FWFD collection. These annual reports consist of a letter to the mayor, recommendations for the coming year, progress report of earlier recommendations, roster of personnel, a master plan map of Fort Wayne showing locations of existing, relocated and proposed fire stations and more.

There is also the St. Joseph Hospital (Nursing School) Retrospect for 1931. This yearbook provides photos of faculty, staff and students, alumnae from 1921 to 1930 with names and locations, and “scrawls,” autographs of fellow students to Luella Stark, in the Intermediate class.

We have the terrific Fort Wayne Sister Cities, International Scrapbook, which includes information about Fort Wayne’s sister cities, Takaoka (Japan), Plock (Poland), and Gera (Germany), with photos, newspaper clippings, proclamations, charters and more.

We added two additional land abstracts for Louis Fox Addition, Lot 64 (Kinnaird Street, between Webster and Hoagland) and Lillie Place Addition, Lot 86, N 50 ft, (corner of Ethel and Irene Avenues). An abstract (history of ownership) used to accompany the deed to each piece of property, but now title searches are performed each time the land is sold, so the historical abstracts, although fascinating for historical researchers, are often discarded. If you come across one, in Allen County or elsewhere, discard it our way, please!

Finally, we have a Wolf & Dessauer, Menu, 1940. W&D was one of the largest department stores in Fort Wayne and its Tea Room (for the ladies) and Men’s Grill were the places to go for lunch. The daily specials for June 15th included Bakes Stuffed Pork Chop with two sides and dessert for 60 cents, or Chicken Fricassee for 75. W&D’s was forward thinking, so they also offered a vegetarian option for 55 cents. Sandwiches included sliced chicken for 40 cents or salmon salad for 20. Desserts included “homemade” pies and cakes at 10 cents a serving. The back of the menu was a souvenir historical map of Fort Wayne.

All of these are great additions to our collection of local history!
W&D map 1940