As Preservation Week continues, it is important to remember why this week exists.  Preservation Week was begun by the American Library Association with many partners in 2010 in order to bring awareness to the preservation needs of collections.    It has continually grown over the years and helped to raise awareness for the materials that need preservation.

In recognition of this week, The Genealogy Center has a full week of programming to assist our customers in their own preservation needs.  The Genealogy Center will also be posting blogs on different items in our collection that have been damaged and tips on how to prevent such damage.  We will also discuss how preserve the damaged material so it will not be further damaged.  

Today, the second item that brought to our attention is a book with a ripped cover.  It is cautionary tale on why it is bad to shelve things spine up.  The weight will potentially tear the book from the cover.  

Tips to prevent damage: Always put books away carefully with a mindfulness on how not to damage the books.  If you are short on space, lay the book on its side instead of spine up.  You can always stack other books on top of it without causing damage to the cover.    

Tips to deal with damage: There are methods to reattach the cover to the book.  Please refer to this tutorial from pages 14 to 23.