As Preservation Week begins, it is important to remember why this week exists.  Preservation Week was begun by the American Library Association with many partners in 2010 in order to bring awareness to the preservation needs of collections.  It has continually grown over the years and helped to raise awareness for the materials that need preservation.

In recognition of this week, The Genealogy Center has a full week of programming to assist our customers in their own preservation needs.  The Genealogy Center will also be posting blogs on different items in our collection that have been damaged and tips on how to prevent such damage.  We will also discuss how preserve the damaged material so it will not be further damaged.  

Today, the first item that brought to our attention is a water damaged book.  It is unfortunate, but a small bottle of water can cause this type of damage.  This book not only has water damage, it has some mold growing in it as well.  This is because the water damage was not brought to our attention until the mold began growing. 

Tips to prevent damage: When working with irreplaceable materials, make sure to keep food and drinks away from the material.  As you can see, even water can do a lot of damage.  Make sure to keep the materials in safe, cool, dry, and dark locations.  Moisture in the air can cause some damage but so can leaking pipes and flooded basements.  Be wise with where you store priceless materials.  Don’t put them in places where they may be damaged by water.  

Tips to deal with damage: If you catch that the materials have gotten wet right away, begin by wicking away excess water with dry clothes. Then follow these instructions on how to dry out the materials.  For mold, follow these instructions and be careful to not expose yourself to the health risks of mold.