To many people, Microfilm is just another strange word that they do not understand.  To some people, it is an archaic form of saving materials.  To genealogists, it can contain pure gold in the form of answers.  While it is true that much of what genealogists are seeking has been digitized, not everything has been digitized and is available to the public.  Many things, such as newspapers, cannot be digitized due to copyright issues.  Many things have not been digitized due to lack of funding and lack of ability to digitize.  Microfilm is the only way these sources are accessible. 

Microfilm is a low-cost, reliable, long-term, and a standardized method of image storing.  Microfilm has a life-expectancy of hundreds of years.  Microfilm machines vary in size and capability.  At minimum, the machine needs to consist of light and magnification.  As technology has improved, so have the capabilities of the machines. 

Microfilm is cost effective and a proven way to preserve documents for hundreds of years.  While digitization is wonderful, microfilm will remain in the libraries and archives for the foreseeable future. When you visit your local library or archive, check out their microfilm collection.  

The Genealogy Center Microtext Catalog is available on our website.