We have some new family resources available for you to use!


We have Documentation for Nancy Kerr/Carr (1809 to after 1838), donated by Curtis L. Older. Nancy was born in Ohio, migrating with her parents to Indiana where she married Thomas Gouty. She was the mother of Elias B. Gouty (1833-1915) and she died before 1840. This material provides information on her birth and married family, court cases and references to prove her lineage, and an SAR application by Curtis Lynn Older. This is an excellently researched proof document!


Pragoff Progenitors: Rogers Line, Lewis Extensions, compiled by Eleanor Trapnell Kloman Wallace, deals extensively with the Rogers family of Virginia and Kentucky, adding to her works that deal with other Pragoff progenitors, including the Gorin and Franklin families.


The Robert Laurie Lamont Bible includes both images and transcriptions of the Robert Laurie Lamont-Susanna Aikins family covering 1835 to 1989, from Scotland to Iowa.


And the Tremper Family Bible also includes images and a transcription of the Allan Tremper-Martha Bell Hilts family from 1832 to 1920 in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Thanks to the donors for contributing these great resources!