by Cynthia Theusch

This past summer, The Genealogy Center acquired two new microfilm and microfiche reader/scanner/printer machines. With their new technological features and updated scanning software, you will definitely want to make use of these machines during your next visit.

New features include:

  • Larger monitor to display microfilm page or microfiche file.
  • Digitally zoom in where the smaller print can be easily read.
  • Subtract (remove) unwanted articles and/or paragraphs from a 2-column scan image.
  • Merge 2 or more images together which is a great feature to use when your article has been divided into 2 or more pages.
  • Digitizing your film negatives and slides.
    • Black and white
    • Color negatives

The new Microtext Machines are a great way to capture images from microfilm, microfiche, negatives and slides; and add them to your group of displayed photos or in your family history files and stories.