We have some additions of Fort Wayne interest to our Free Databases page that we’d like to share with you.

Local high school yearbooks continue to be of great popularity. The usual visitors are people wanting to see high school photos showing mom and dad with funny hair and clothes, but yearbooks are also of great interest to those organizing high school reunions, seeking old friends and distant relatives. There is also an interest in the photos of those who died during military service. Sometimes, these high school yearbooks provide the only photo of the person. Indices for three more years of North Side High School Yearbook Index, completing the index from the opening of the school through 1984.

The Huntertown Historical Society has allowed us to digitize and post their Family Files. The best way to access the material is to browse by surname and read the short family histories that have been compiled.
The last item is the Allen County pioneer, Jesse Vermilyea Estate Inventory. This 1847 handwritten document lists the property of his extensive estate, including livestock, furniture, farm equipment, crops, personal items and a clock valued at $3. Truly, a fascinating look at mid-19th century Allen County.