We love making your day. 

A new customer came in this morning.  He had very little information about his father and grandparents.  He knew that his father was born in South Bend, Indiana area; that his had later changed his name legally to his stepfather’s name, which was done in New Jersey.  Our customer also knew his grandmother’s maiden name. 

Within ten minutes, staff helped him to find his father in the 1930 census (at age 2) with stepfather and mother living in New Jersey.  Another search found a marriage record with the mother’s maiden name as well as her father’s name.  From there, we found our customer’s grandfather’s immigration record which noted that he had arrived over with his family when he was 8 years old.  More information was discovered about this customer’s great grandparents, including where they lived in the Netherlands.  When he left, our happy customer said he’d always wondered about his grandfather and his family, and was making plans to be back to do more research.

We always look forward to assisting you in finding more information and records to add to your family history.