Sunday starts the American Library Association's Preservation Week. This year, The Genealogy Center's focus is not only on preservation of artifacts, but also your family's stories and events. 

The week starts on Sunday, April 27, with Heirloom Succession Planning, presented by Amy Beatty, C.E.S., G.P.P.A. She will show you how to create an accurate cataloging and historical system of your family’s personal property as an addendum or supplement to a will, helping to recognize items in terms of sentimental rather than financial value, while preserving family history. The session starts at 1 PM in Meeting Room A.
On Monday, April 28, Curt Witcher will present ‘To Infinity and Beyond:’ Ensuring Our Family Histories Live Well Beyond Our Years. He will focus on how to organize and prepare one’s paper archive for deposit in a library or archive as well as how to ensure that digitized materials in cloud storage spaces are successfully handed-off to interested parties or institutions. The fun starts at 2 PM in Meeting Room A.
John Beatty follows that on Tuesday, April 29 with Archives 101: Organizing and Preserving the Heirloom Paper in Your Life, to offer guidance on how to preserve and arrange those precious documents so that they can be kept safe for today and passed down to the future. Be there, 2 PM, Meeting Room A.
You've worked with paper, now what about the digital material that you have? On Wednesday, April 30, Sara Allen will offer Archives 102: Organizing the Bytes in Your Life. This class will offer advice on how to get all of that precious data on your hard drive, USB and phone safe and in order for when you need it. Buzz on in at 2 PM in Meeting Room A.
We're really excited about An Evening of Storytelling on Thursday, May 1.
Telling the stories in our lives is not only a great way to engage people in learning their about their families and ancestors, it is a terrific way to “pass it on.” Several members of the area community will show us how easy it is, and , we hope, inspire you to participate  at a later date. The show starts at 6:30 PM in Meeting Rooms A&B.
On Friday, May 2, Mari Hardacre will be Using iMovie to Capture Family Memories. Sh will show you how to use the iMovie app for Apple mobile devices to take photos and videos and edit them into short movies to share with family and friends. Please bring your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running the latest operating system (iOS 7) and download the iMovie app (cost $4.99) before the workshop, if possible. (Please call 260-421-1225 in advance to let her know your model and operating system.) She'll get you plugged in at 2 PM in Meeting Room A. 
Then on Saturday, May3, Cynthia Theusch will present Up in Lights: Your Family History on Screen. Why not create a special video that can be saved to a DVD and distributed to family members? Even non-genealogists and children will enjoy watching your family story and learning about their family’s past. The action will start at 10 AM in the Globe Room.

So make some time this week to preserve your heritage, and Pass It On!