by Delia

Over the next few weeks and months, three major religions celebrate very important holidays: Easter on April 20th, Passover on April 22nd and Ramadan starts June 28th. Whether you are a member of these faiths, a different faith, or none at all, chances are that some of your ancestors have some religious affiliation, practiced those religious customs, and were active in religious related activities.

Some families have strong ties to their faith, passing it down through the generations. Other families seem to join, and abandon religious ties with each move or new generation. This loss of knowledge can be detrimental to family history researchers. Religious records of the past can supply needed information when a courthouse has burned. But knowing the religious beliefs and activities of our ancestors can add a tremendous depth of knowledge to understanding our progenitors.

So take some time to ask living relatives to recount faith-based activities from their youth. Ask what they remember of their own parents’ and grandparents’ beliefs and practices. And record your own faith activities for future generations.