by Delia

Around The Genealogy Center, when we talk of New Year goals, it's usually what we are planning for The Center. What new sources we'd like to acquire, what new databases might be available, planning for programs and events, and whether we need to shift material again.

But all of us also have our personal research, which isn't done on work time, and we all have goals in mind for the new year and we thought you'd like to see what we, as fellow genealogists are doing.

John, who will celebrate his 30th anniversary with The Genealogy Center in 2014, wants to complete all of the pieces of the portfolio for the submission to the Board of Certification of Genealogists and, if the judges approve, become a Certified Genealogist. That will be quite an accomplishment!

Sara would like to scan all of her family photographs and save copies to the "cloud," as well as to a CD. She'd also like to organize the physical copies of the pictures and store them in a more archival environment than the shoe-boxes in which they currently reside. See? We, too, keep our precious material in places we shouldn't!

Cynthia's plan is to digitize all of her family records and documents. Sounds simple, but doing it well will take time and patience.

Dawne will continue to work on her writing and wants to reanalyze documents she found in her early years of research. Re-evaluating is often a path to additional clues.

Melissa plans to take some road trips to further her investigation of her husband's and her own ancestry. Genealogy road trips can be time consuming, but are often the only way to discover obscure information.

My plan is to identify and document items inherited from my parents, my aunt and my husband's family. I may know what these things are now, but my daughter will have no clue as to the importance of these objects unless I take the time to do this now.

And Curt? Well, he's a very busy person. His personal research goal for 2014 is to actually find the time to do some personal research. He's still looking for that 25th hour of the day for that!

So as you see, we all have different plans for the New Year. Share your goals with us, either as a comment here or on our Facebook page!

And have a happy, research-successful New Year!