The Genealogy Center, like all agencies of the Allen County Public Library, will be open regular hours on Monday October 14, 2013 on the observance of Columbus Day.

A holiday to honor Christopher Columbus, the Genoa native who "sailed the ocean blue" in 1492 has always been a contentious notion. In the 1800s, many Americans were opposed to the idea because of its significance to immigrants, especially Italians, and Catholics. In the Twentieth Century, awareness of the effect of European settlement on the native peoples had a negative influence on the popularity of honoring Columbus.

October 12th became a national holiday in 1934, and in 1970, the observance was shifted to the second Monday in October. But even now, not all states observe the holiday as Columbus Day, but rather as alternative holidays.

All Federal offices, many state and local government offices and schools will be closed as usual, but the library will be open! So come on in and make your own discoveries!