by Delia

So, now you know what you want to research. Here are a few items you might want to bring or consider:

  • One or more USB drives. You can save images from our computers, from microfilm and fiche, and now, from books using our new photocopiers that not only make copies (including color copies) but also let you save PDF images! But be sure that there are no program files on your USB drives. Our computers won't accept them if they do. And bring more than one USB drive, just in case.
  • If you have your own computer or other electronic device, great! Bring it! We allow almost anything (except food and drink), but be sure to bring a lock or keep your valuables with you. While no one really wants to abscond with your research notes, your iPad, Netbook and other electronic devices are a great temptation, and, unfortunately, a large gathering will attract non-genealogists interested in acquiring something other than ancestors.
  • Bring one and five dollar bills. Copies and prints are ten cents each, but our new debit card system for photocopies and computer prints requires bills.
  • If you have an Ancestry account, remember that you may not access it from our computers, which are logged into the ACPL Account. If you have your own computer, log into your Ancestry account before coming to the library, and do not shut it down. When your computer accesses our wifi, you will already be on your own account.
  • And last, but not least, if you feel the cold sooner than others, bring a light sweater or jacket. As in all large buildings, there are many cool and hot spots. This is also true of most convention rooms, so if you do not relish the cool indoors after being in the August heat outside, be prepared!

Next time: Research!