by Delia

We love those big additions to our Free Databases, but it's also satisfying when we add smaller items or additions. Just recently, we added Ebenezer Morton, Bethena Davis, and their Children, by James P. Preusch. This item follows this family from Massachusetts to New York to Michigan, and although it's fairly short, preserves Mr. Preusch's research for all to view. At the same time, we added Notes & Excerpts on Rice Brothers & Descendants: A Work in Progress. Compiled and published by Randall M. Rice, Rainelle, WV, this work begins with a Revolutionary War soldier from Fauquier County, Virginia and his descendants, with several eventually removing to Indiana and includes a very interesting DNA study.

On a larger scale, we also added nine digitized volumes of John R. Lifsey's Lifsey Family History and Genealogy, which includes more than a thousand pages of family history, documents and photographs.

And last, but certainly not least, we added Kenneth Otto Graft's World War II Selective Service card, a photo of the very young Mr. Graft and copies of his 1997 Fort Wayne obituaries. These items not only memorialize his life and service, but also provides a very clear example of a Selective Service card.

From the large collections to the small, we appreciate all of the items that people have generously allowed us to include in our digital collections. If you have something you'd like to make available for all to see, take a minute and contact us!