The popularity of the PERiodical Source Index, a.k.a. PERSI, was once again evidenced this past weekend as more than seventy attendees of the Indiana Genealogical Society Annual Conference attended a session on this wonderful genealogical resource. Twenty-first century researchers are familiar with the online version of this subject index to more than 10,000 historical and genealogical magazines, but the new generation of family historians may not be aware that The Genealogy Center has been creating PERSI since 1986.

Genealogy Center librarian Delia Bourne is someone who can recite the details of the migration of PERSI from print to electronic format, the facts and figures of the project, and the overall history of PERSI, while thoroughly explaining how to best use this valuable resource. She is one of the few people who has first-hand experience with the project from its creation through the present day.

This week, Delia received a "Certificate of Appreciation for a Generation of Service to PERSI" as thanks for her commitment and dedication. Join us in thanking Delia for contributing to a generation of PERSI.