by Delia

I always get a bit excited on May 1st. Many people do. Yes, there are holidays, both religious and cultural on that day, but for me, it was always school's-almost-out excitement. Whether I might have been looking forward to long days of play and fighting with my sister (elementary school), reading and learning to drive (high school), or a summer job (college), doing something different was always fun, especially if my parents had planned a vacation somewhere, which was usually in August.

As an adult, summer signaled that I had not only extra time to enjoy with my family, but also the influx of customers that we, at The Genealogy Center, attracted in the summer months. New people, mixing with our regular friends, intriguing research questions, and chatting with folks from far away.

As you plan your summer, work in some time to come and see us. There's a lot of research material on the Internet, but we have many unique sources that aren't online. Plan a quick trip or change your route to spend a day or two or three with us.

And then, of course, in August, right when my family took vacations, plan to come to the Federation of Genealogical Societties' Conference. It's being held at the Grand Wayne Center, here in Fort Wayne, a block from the Allen County Public Liibrary's main branch (home of The Genealogy Center). Four days (August 21-24) of great sessions, luncheons, evening events, extended research hours at The Genealogy Center (for conference attendees), the great camaradarie that only a genealogy conference provides, and if you can't find a session in one particular hour, it's over to The Genealogy Center, where our staff and volunteers are waiting to aid you.

So as summer approaches and you are planning your travel, don't forget The Genealogy Center and the FGS Conference!