by Melissa

Technology is moving at such a rapid pace, it sometimes feel like it is a full time job to keep up with all of our electronic devices. Moore's law states that technology doubles every eighteen months. Think about the fact that the first iPhone was released in 2007 and the most current edition, iPhone 5, which had an inception date of 2012 will soon become obsolete.

With this ever-evolving cycle of expanding technology, how do you keep up? Do you read technology journals or blogs or buy products based on advertising or word of mouth? With every new edition of a product, how compatible is your first generation techno device? If we have a printer from two years ago, we have to download drivers to connect with our new Windows 8 laptops. How do we maneuver these waters?

And can the next generation relate to our experiences or those of the generations before us? I remember accessing video games by typing in the c:/run command. Today, we can play video games on our touch-screen phones or other handheld devices. Try explaining a typewriter's corrective tape to a teenager who regularly uses a voice-command tablet.

While navigating the waves of technology, consider documenting your everyday activities in a journal, blog, website, or video so that future generations will have a better understanding of how we spent our days in this dramatically changing landscape.