by Delia

Although over the next few weeks, you might think that it is.

When The Genealogy Center opened in the old/new Allen County Public Library Main Branch in 2007, it seemed that the shelves had lots of room for expansion. There was at least six inches of space at the end of each shelf and no books were on the top shelf.

But in the almost six years since then, our collection has soared to over one million items and some spaces are getting tight. But worry not! We have a plan. We are going to shift some books around, moving some subjects to utilize what may be currently unused space. All of the collection will still be in open, browseable stacks, but a few things will be in slightly different places.

Over the next few weeks, you will see staff members placing books on move carts and pushing them around the department. We are still open and all of our material will remain available. If you can't locate something, ask a staff member and we will try to locate the item.

So pardon the extra activity while this is going on, and remember, we are always trying to enhance your experience at The Genealogy Center!