by Delia

One of the most popular of The Genealogy Center's Free Databases is the Fort Wayne Obituary Index, 1841 - May 2012. It attracts not only current residents, but also descendants of the many people who have lived in this area in the past 160 years. We also offer a service that supplies photocopies of the obituaries by mail for a low cost of $2.50 per obituary. Many customers have used the index and this service in the past five years. However, we wanted everyone to know that we are also in a long-range project of corrections and additions to the database. For a variety of reasons, obituaries have been missed and citations have had errors over the past 70 years or so of this index, as the obituaries were cut out the newspapers and glued onto index cards for filing before an actual print index was created. Those print indexes were put into a database file in the 1990s, and again, some errors occurred.

Part of the correction process consists of volunteers browsing the newspapers, day by day, seeking those obituaries that were missed and correcting errors as they are found. The other part starts with our customers who request an obituary. If the request if for a pre-1900 obituary, we search for the obituary and add the information to the database. Pre-1900 obituaries were originally indexed by date without indicating whether it was a death, funeral or obituary date and not noting which of the several dailies or weeklies in which the item appeared. If it is an error in the citation, we attempt to locate the correct obituary and update the database along with correcting other obituaries as we find them. Corrections and additions are available within a day or two of discovery.

This is a great source, and if you've checked it before, check it again!