by Cynthia

One of the free databases available from The Genealogy Center is the Genealogy Center Surname File, a compilation of researchers who have registered their contact information and the surnames they are researching. This database, created in 1998 and updated quarterly, is a great way to find others who are searching the same surname.

To access the database from our web page, you will select the "Databases" tab, scroll down to "Free Databases" and select "Genealogy Center Surname File." At the next screen, begin your surname search.  Some options for your search are:

  • Fuzzy - the name may appear as part of another name.  Example - Smith, Smithfield, Arrowsmith
  • Exact - no changes (search only this spelling)
  • Soundex - will search for variants. Example, looking for Smith - Smith, Smythe, Schmidt, etc.

Save time, start collaborating, share resources, and meet new cousins with the Genealogy Center Surname File.