by Delia

In addition to the War of 1812 display, we also now have several display cases of artifacts and reproductions owned by members of Historic Fort Wayne, Inc.

Included in this amazing display are a powder keg, a powder carry keg, and a powder horn with scrimshaw markings, which a sailor may have personalized for himself. The beautiful brass officer's telescope and the sailor's rumlet were captured by American Captain Allenson from the privateer L'Activ. A rumlet was a personal item used to carry a sailor's daily ration of rum, a vital staple of naval life at the time.

The bar shot, expanding bar shot and chain shot are also original. These items were loaded into a cannon and fired at an opposing ship's sails and rigging. More recognizable is the twelve pound cannon ball, which provided danger by itself, or from the splinters exploding from the hit.

The actual weapons are authentic reproductions, constructed exactly as they were in the early part of the 19th Century. The brass barreled blunderbuss has a flared muzzle while allowed a sailor to load it more efficiently. Also on display is a brass barreled "Officer's Boarding Pistol." At this time, brass made for the best weapons for naval personnel as brass was resistant to moisture and sea salt. Along with these weapons are original ball and shot molds, as well as a flash hole pick and wisk. Weaponry was a complicated process in 1812.

So make a trip down to The Genealogy Center soon to view these remarkable items soon.