by Delia

Don't you just love free-search websites? I do, and I especially love the ones that update and add new material on a regular basis. I check USGenWeb and FamilySearch about once a month to see what's new, but I also check The Genealogy Center's federated search as well.

What's that? You don't know what that is? Well, have you visited any of The Genealogy Center's Free Databases? These databases include family files and Bibles that have been submitted for digitizing, Our Military Heritage, Genealogy Tracers Obituaries & Memorial Programs, cemetery transcriptions and other records for all over the nation, and, yes, a vast array of information for Allen County, IN. While one may search specific collections, you can also use the federated search on our home page to search the entire collection (more than two million records!) at once.

The search box, which says "Search Our Free Databases," is located on The Genealogy Center's home page, just above the "Search the ACPL Catalog" box. Type in a surname and click "Search." A list of all of the databases that include that surname will appear, along with the number of times the name appears in the specific database. The federated search is a "fuzzy" search, so a search on the name "Bach" will also show Bachman and Hollenbacher.

So the next time you're doing a quick check of your favorite genealogy websites, include The Genealogy Center's federated search!