by Melissa

Letters and diaries tell our ancestor's personal stories in their own words, but in today's age of technology, we do not write letters or maintain diaries. In the future, when our descendants search for us what will they find instead? Will it be our e-mails, blog posts, or twitter feeds? Is this the legacy we wish to leave behind?

I know many who say they can't write eloquently and fear writing their personal stories. I am one of these people. I learned to bullet point my thoughts, which has led to my writing style being perfect for business but not very personable. I avoid letter writing because it feels like a wasted effort since it is easier to talk to someone on the phone or send a quick e-mail.

But what part of my story will remain if I don't take the time? Do my personal e-mails reflect who I truly am or are they disjointed facts jotted down in the virtual space? I established a tradition with my eldest niece that every time I travel, she receives a postcard. On the card, I tell her why I visited the place, who I'm with, and what sites I've seen. It doesn't matter if I'm traveling for business or pleasure, she receives a postcard. She has kept these through the years and I realized they tell part of my story. I have also created a blog, where I can share my thoughts on events in my life, books I'm reading, movies I see, and activities with friends and family. These are my baby steps to leaving behind a part of me. Who is writing your story?