As genealogists, we each have our favorite ancestor/ research stories, yet our family and friends do not seem to understand our excitement. They tire of hearing how we located great-great-grandmother's marriage record or a long lost granduncle. And when we discover that lone missing document after years or decades of searching, our acquaintances are not interested in hearing our news.

The staff at The Genealogy Center can relate to these situations. Regularly, we work with individuals who squeal in excitement at locating an ancestor. And on a personal level, we share with our colleagues our own discoveries because in the end, we are family history researchers as well.

In the coming weeks, we'll share our favorite ancestor research stories on this blog and invite you to join in by commenting on your own research or by posting on our facebook page. Though family and friends may not relate, the genealogy community shares in your excitement and The Genealogy Center would enjoy being a part of your research endeavors.