by Dawne

An icon of genealogy, the NGS Quarterly, turns 100 years old in 2012. Those of you who are members of the National Genealogical Society will have noticed a history of the quarterly in the March 2012 issue. NGSQ debuted nine years after the establishment of NGS in 1903, and its early issues were filled more with record abstracts and indexes, as compared to the methodology articles and case studies that are published in later editions. Today’s NGSQ includes a smattering of previously unpublished source material, but primarily features compiled genealogies, case studies and “how-to” articles, along with descriptions of little-known resources and detailed articles about researching specific ethnic groups, record types and geographic regions. Detailed book reviews are another important part of the NGSQ. Whatever the content, throughout the publication’s history, the constant has been an emphasis on “scholarship, readability and practical help in problem solving,” according to the NGS website. The NGSQ is a benefit of membership in the National Genealogical Society, and today’s members may opt to receive the traditional paper copy by mail, or a PDF version. Members may access the NGS website to search or browse full-text issues from 1978 to the present. Anyone may search the complete NGSQ index (1912-present) by author or title, or browse lists of authors and titles, and order back issues from the society or search for articles on the Periodical Source Index (PERSI) available through Heritage Quest Online to order copies from The Genealogy Center. For more information about the National Genealogical Society or NGSQ, point your browser to