by Cynthia

I was first introduced to family history shortly before I graduated from high school. My mother and grandmother decided to put together a brief example of a family tree on the William and Margaret (Pettigrew) Stacy family who came from Wood County, Ohio to Gratiot and Isabella counties, Michigan. My mother’s family tree example showed at least three generations. The third generation (her aunts and uncles) listed the number of children. My grandmother also gathered information about her parents (Edward Bosley and Phila Butterfield). My mother now had three family lines showing three generations each. I really didn’t catch the desire to research my family history until 1977.

When I really got into researching, I began with my four grandparents’ families as well as my husband’s grandparents. I have faced a few roadblocks in trying to get some basic information from two of my grandparents. My grandmother told me to talk to my cousin, and a grandfather kept stating he didn’t know anything.

One of my greatest thrills is breaking through brick walls. I searched about ten years before I found where my husband’s third great-grandfather was born. I located a letter that he wrote to his brother posted on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s web site. And a twenty-year brick wall was knocked down when I did a Google search, last year for my second great-grandfather’s obituary. I found it and gleaned some great stories. And just last month I came across photographs of him and his wife: WOW!

Throughout my years of research, there have been twists and turns to stories and in the process locating information. Learning different ways to solve the mystery and networking with other genealogists and family researchers. What a joy it was to see my parents in the 1940 census. I hope to be around in twenty years to see some of my siblings and me in the 1960 census.