by Delia

Well, perhaps in my excitement, that's a bit unclear. It's still 2012, but since it's April 2, 2012, that means that the 1940 Census is open for viewing, and we are all very happy! For the census releases since I have been on staff with The Genealogy Center (the 1930 in 2002 and 1920 in 1992) and in an earlier position with the  Allen County Public Library (1910 in 1982), we had to purchase the film and await its arrival. Then we had to wait, just like everyone else, for it to be processed and placed in the cabinets until we could begin searching. If we were lucky, it might be late April or early May before we could take advantage of the newly released source.

Of course, this time, the newly available 1940 will be available online TODAY, the day of release, first at the National Archives website, and soon after at and other sites. This a first, the idea that anyone, anywhere can search it the first day it's available. So this is a great day to celebrate! Take a few minutes, do a little searching. Don't just read history; be part of today's events!