by Dawne

As reference librarians in The Genealogy Center, we sometimes are asked if we have done our own genealogy. The answer is YES! Yes, we have done research on our own families, and yes, we continue to do research. The seven reference librarians who work at the Ask desks in The Genealogy Center together have more than 200 years of genealogical research experience. Genealogy is an unusual profession, because the people who are involved in this field as librarians, lecturers, authors and professional researchers usually are genealogy hobbyists in their off-duty time. (Yes, some of us spend vacation time in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or going to distant U.S. cities, or even foreign countries, where our ancestors lived.) Genealogy isn’t just our job, it’s our life. During the next several weeks, this blog will features posts from our Genealogy Center librarians about how they got started – most as teenagers or young adults – researching their family history.