On Wednesday, January 4, 2012, the Allen County Public Library will upgrade its PC Reservation System in order to be compatible with Windows 7. The upgrade requires a public computer outage for the entire day of January 4th. PC Reservation is the software that coordinates the usage on all of the public computers in The Genealogy Center and the Allen County Public Library System. With the upgrade, customers will have improved access to Office products, our databases, and the internet at The Genealogy Center.

If you plan to visit The Genealogy Center on January 4, 2012, please be aware of this outage--we will not have public computer access for the day. It will be a great opportunity, however, to take advantage of the more than one million items in our print and microtext collections. Before you arrive at the Center that day, search our print catalog or microtext catalog to plan your day of research. Bringing your own laptop, netbook, iPad or other tablet device will enable you to use all the licensed databases as well as the free databases offered in The Genealogy Center through the library’s Wifi service.