During Fort Wayne Ancestry Day's Ask the Experts Panel, we received so many questions that we were unable to answer them all during the event. The following are questions asked and The Genealogy Center staff's responses.

I have a will that leaves property to a great-grandson (son of a granddaughter). I can’t find information on the granddaughter or her parents. How do I fill in the missing generations?

That’s going to depend on time period, but unless the missing woman and her parents are listed in the will or probate, it may be that they predeceased the great-grandparent. You may wish to seek will and probate records in the area in which the great-grandson was born.

I am looking for ancestors and have noticed that their neighbors in their old home town also lived in the area to which they moved. Does this help me?

Yes! Follow the neighbors’ records and seek diaries and other biographical sources for them. Your ancestors may be mentioned or there could be clues.