During Fort Wayne Ancestry Day's Ask the Experts Panel, we received so many questions that we were unable to answer them all during the event. The following are questions asked and The Genealogy Center staff's responses.

Where were naval officers stationed during WWII?

Naval officers were stationed throughout the United States at naval bases, Washington, D. C. (Pentagon), and on ships which they were assigned to overseas. The Historic Naval Ships Association, explains how to find U.S. Navy Records at the National Archives. According to the National Archives, any records that are over 62 years old are listed as "archival" and become part of their public records. In order to determine assignments, locate the service records. Go to the form to request records and send the completed form, along with required documents, to:

National Personnel Records Center
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63138.

To locate histories about the Navy in WWII within the Genealogy Center's collection, just type in "World War, 1939-1945 -- Regimental histories -- United States" in our online catalog. There will be over 300 results.

Are there records for military awards recipients? Purple Heart? Military vets – Korea, Vietnam, World War II? My dad was in World War II and Korea, yet he doesn’t come up (he is deceased). Yet my one cousin (still living) comes up for Korea and not my dad or another living cousin. Why are military records incomplete?

When you say that someone “comes up” or doesn’t “come up,” it must be that you are plugging their names into some kind of database on the Internet. Many databases online are not official records, but material that individuals have compiled and posted and therefore, the information is not complete. This is especially true of family tree-type sites that can be found on Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org, among others. Did the site you were searching claim to be a list of all Korean War soldiers? To get information about your father, I would suggest that you contact the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. This is the facility that holds the military records of all soldiers who served in World War I and more recent conflicts. That facility did experience a fire in the early 1970s and some records were destroyed, however. You also might try some of the indexes available at MilitaryIndexes.com. However, be sure to be aware of the scope of each index as you search it. It may or may not be complete.