by Melissa

November is a great time for writers. sponsors a National Novel Writing Month contest on their website, motivating individuals to complete a 50,000 word manuscript in 30 days. As genealogists, we can use this same format for our genealogy research projects.

Plan to use the month of November as a time to set goals and complete projects. Many of us will be attending family events in the coming months, so wouldn’t it be great to share some new discovery or present a brief history of the family? Create your own goals such as spend three hours a week researching or write a 5,000 word narrative on your family research or scan/ enter 250 family photographs into your genealogy files or organize the stacks of papers on your desk.

The Genealogy Center staff challenges you to set a genealogy goal for the month of November and share with us your progress. Do you accept our challenge? If so, like our facebook page and participate in the challenge, which will officially be issued on October 29.