by Melissa

Fort Wayne Ancestry Day, which took place on Saturday, July 23, was a successful joint venture between and The Genealogy Center. Ancestry experts, Juliana Smith, Anne Mitchell, and Loretto Szucs along with The Genealogy Center manager, Curt Witcher, presented on topics on Ancestry Search Tips, Civil War Roots, Jumpstart Your Research, and Hidden Treasures of The Genealogy Center. With six experts representing both organizations, more than 900 attendees had a chance to ask their genealogical questions during the Ask the Experts panel. And for those who dropped off questions that weren't answered during the panel, watch The Genealogy Center blog, as we answer your pressing questions. If that wasn't enough activity for the day, had computers available to demonstrate searching their website and The Genealogy Center was open and fully staffed to help those who wanted to research their family. It was a wonderful day, full of genealogical opportunities and discoveries.

   Ancestry Booth